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A small pressure sensor can make the difference between life and death

When people have nerve problems such as those caused by spinal injuries, they can lose the ability to feel when their bladder is full. This means that they don’t know when it needs to be emptied, resulting in a build-up of pressure that can damage both the bladder and their kidneys. Now, a tiny sensor may offer a better way of assessing their condition, to see if surgery is required or if medication will suffice.

Presently, in order to observe how well the bladder is functioning, a catheter is inserted into the patient’s urethra and used to fill their bladder with saline solution. This is understandably uncomfortable for the patient, plus it’s claimed to provide an inaccurate picture of what’s going on, as the bladder fills up much more quickly than would normally be the case.

That’s why scientists at Norwegian research group SINTEF are proposing replacing the catheters with tiny pressure sensors. The current prototypes can be injected into the bladder directly through the skin, and could conceivably stay in place for months or even years, providing readings without any discomfort, and without requiring the bladder to be filled mechanically.

Patients would be able to move around normally, plus the risk of infection would reportedly be reduced. Currently readings are transmitted from the prototypes via a thin wire that extents from the senor out through the skin, although it is hoped that subsequent versions could transmit wirelessly – perhaps even to the patient’s smartphone.

Next month, a clinical trial involving three spinal injury patients is scheduled to begin at Norway’s Sunnaas Hospital. Down the road, plans call for trials involving 20 to 30 test subjects.

Although they’re currently about to be tested in the bladder, the sensors could conceivably be used to measure pressure almost anywhere in the body.

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Total Volume of Saturn Moon Titan’s Otherworldly Seas Calculated

Titan harbors about 2,000 cubic miles of liquid methane and ethane on its frigid surface. The hydrocarbons are contained in an area near Titan’s north pole that’s just 660,000 square miles in size, a region slightly larger than Alaska.

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Marketing, Online Business Growth

We help entrepreneurs, startups and business owners who are struggling with the growth of their company, so they can make more money and spend more time with their friends and family.

We help entrepreneurs, startups, online and offline business owners who are struggling with the growth of their company, so they can make more money and spend more time with their friends and family.

Our focus:

  • Creating irresistible language for your business so people buy more
  • Creating your killer messaging to attract the highest profit customers/clients
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Multi-faceted Marketing

Marketing today is not just product, placement, price and promotion – the traditional 4 P’s. Ok everything in marketing today can be slotted under one of those, but it’s so much more. I wanted to create a big list of all that when I ran across this one already created. It covers exactly what I wanted to show – which is cool because I didn’t’ have to created it myself :-).

Click on it to get the large, zoomed in version. It’s quite enlightening.

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